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AKKA Karate Stories

As you already know, our karate and other martial arts classes are for everyone, kids and adults alike. Have a look at our club members’ stories below to see what they think about learning karate with us.

Family Story 1

Karen Watts with her kids

Karen Watts with her kids

Like so many other parents, I started learning karate through the 3 month “parents train for free” program. Both of my kids had been doing karate for a while by then and so I already knew that the classes were as much fun as hard work.

I’ve always been an active person and therefore loved the challenge immediately. Since starting karate, I feel fitter, stronger and more confident and I have made many great new friends. My favourite activities are the self-defence techniques and the katas. I also find it extremely rewarding to be able to help my kids with their training by talking about and practicing new skills and techniques that we are learning.


Family Story 2

Susan Oldmeadow-Hall with her son

Susan Oldmeadow-Hall with her son

Karate is a sport for any age and for the whole family. I started karate because my son was learning karate. It is fun to do a sport with your child.

For me, karate is more than just something that I do for my son.
Karate has helped me with my fitness, strength, flexibility, ability to stand up for myself and introduced me to a new group of friends. Doing karate helps me deal with daily stress. I am far more calm and in control, this is not an aggressive sport.

I would have no hesitation in recommending AKKA to adults and children, but particularly Mums like me. AKKA is a school where we support, help and encourage each other. I look forward to our classes, which is not something I have experienced with other exercise classes and why I keep showing up. Kelly and Kelvin are amazing teachers who help all their students, young and old.

Family Story 3

Family karate

Aleks Williams and her sons

My karate journey started a few months after my 4 year old son joined the AKKA. Not long after that, my younger son was allowed to join in, despite being only 3 at the time, and karate became a great family activity that we could practice and enjoy together.

Almost 2 years later, the boys and I are still training, getting fit and celebrating earning each new belt together. While most of the time we participate in separate classes, suitable for our own age and skill level, once a week we get to have our special family class, where we train together. Karate gave our family a new way to bond and develop a common interest. I love being the “karate mum” for my boys.