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Give your kids a gift of confidence & security!

At AKKA Karate, we teach kids as young as 4 to defend themselves in a variety of real-life situations.

We designed our kids’ self-defence techniques with the intention of empowering children physically, mentally and emotionally. Our syllabus has been created with various age groups in mind, enabling us to only teach age appropriate self defence techniques in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

Learning the art of self defence will not turn your kids into a violent, aggressive bullies, instead it will give them a high level of confidence and self-belief necessary to stand up for themselves against a school ground bully and to free themselves from an adult attacker.

Kids Self Defence 1

Kids Self Defence 2

Still not sure if this is something you’d like your child to be a part of? Why not give the classes a try by taking advantage of our special offer?

Claim your trial classes here or Call now on 0428 986 949 if you have any questions.