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Junior Karate Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

AKKA Kids Karate classes are perfect for any child. Taught by our excellent Black Belt instructors, every student will learn the importance of respect, self-discipline, perseverance, self-defence and confidence. Every one of AKKA Kids Karate students will make friends and learn important aspects of the Martial Arts curriculum.


Get Individual Attention With The Best Kids Karate Classes In Perth!


Little Dragons (Ages 4-6)

These classes are a great way to introduce your child to a sport with benefits that can stay with them for the rest of their lives. During the lessons we balance discipline and fun so that the children enjoy their class, rewarding them with good behaviour and following instructions.
We understand that younger students have a shorter attention span so our Little Dragons karate classes are designed to be fun, fast-moving and help enhance the learning process. The classes also help them develop terrific life skills that will make them not only a better citizen but a healthier one as well.

Kids Martial Arts Perth

Little Dragons Karate Perth

We stimulate their concentration and help them learn to channel their energy in a positive manner, whilst also supporting positive character building, general improved agility and fitness.   The emphasis is on learning the basics of Karate in a fun and safe environment under close supervision of Black Belt instructors. Your child will have all the skills, knowledge, respect and self-discipline so that when they complete the Little Dragon syllabus they will move on to the Kids Karate class, and will be one step closer to becoming a Black Belt with the AKKA Karate Association. The Little Dragons Karate classes are for ages 4-6 years  and are 45 minutes long. A great way to introduce your child to a sport for life.



Karate Kids (Ages 6-13)

Martial Arts is a total learning activity. Lessons are tailored to your child’s age and skill level. Your child begins by practicing the basics, stances, kicking, blocking and punching. These fundamental skills increase your child’s physical coordination, flexibility, balance and mental acumen.

Kids Karate PerthMartial Arts  is good, clean fun for kids. It is a great way to give children a head start in life. At AKKA Martial Arts, our young students are in a safe and well regulated environment. They can learn the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence whilst developing coordination and increasing strength and flexibility. A structure of respect is built into martial arts, because of this children develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve. We offer a well-balanced program that emphasises pride, self-esteem, fitness and integrity. At AKKA Martial Arts Perth we believe that every student is special and deserving of personal attention. We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced class so your child is never bored or left behind, but getting the attention and instruction they deserve and need.

Give your child a kick start in life with AKKA Kids Karate Perth.


To sign up fill out the form or call 0428 986 949 to find out more about our kids karate classes.


Benefits of AKKA Kids Karate Perth

  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination & Motor Skills
  • Better Goal Setting Skills & Perseverance
  • Higher Levels of Respect & Obedience
  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Learn Effective Bully Prevention & Avoidance

Little Dragons & Kids Karate timetable can be found here

Little Dragons by claremont-karate

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