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AKKA Karate And KickBoxing Perth


Ok so you’re interested in Martial Arts already because you’re here reading this: which is a great start. This site will give you all the information you need to take you first step towards becoming a black belt.

The benefits of Martial Arts are endless. Self-defence, get fit, lose weight, increase strength and flexibility, learn respect, make friends and improve self-esteem. No matter your reason for wanting to learn Martial Arts it’s all achievable with us – AKKA Karate & Kick Boxing Perth


We teach Martial Arts to kids, teens and adults. We also have fun and dynamic Karate classes especially for 4-6 year old's in our Little Dragon’s Classes


Our philosophy is that every student is special and deserving of personal attention in a safe and secure learning environment. We believe to inspire and start your children off on the right path that being taught by Black Belts is a must. All of our lessons have Black belt instructors with assistant instructors and SWAT members to ensure each student is gaining attention in every lesson.


We believe that the martial arts skills we teach help people to become complete. Our karate and kick boxing students not only become physically fit, but they develop mentally and gain in confidence. By setting and achieving personal goals they get stronger, giving them that much needed edge in the world. AKKA Karate Perth also has strong anti-bullying values which we try to install in all of our students.


AKKA Karate and Kick Boxing Perth is proud to be an inclusive learning centre and applies adaptive options for students so everyone can participate. 


So whether you’re a beginner, or someone returning to martial arts after a break, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that personal best. Call Now 04 2898 6949





Kelly and Kelvin have made a huge difference to my shy little 5yo this year. The focus and confidence that Karate has given him has made a world of difference. Even his teacher recommends it to other kids who are needing the same thing.  
Plp Paton
AKKA is an awesome Karate Club. The instructors create a fantastic atmosphere that is just the right mix of fun and discipline. Kelly and Kelvin have a great breadth and depth of knowledge about karate and have competed at the highest levels – they really do know their stuff! I would recommend this club to everyone – my two boys loved it so much I just had to join the adult class!
Alec Kowalski
Kelly and Kelvin are the most professional and dedicated instructors we’ve had the pleasure of learning from. The environment is always encouraging and we feel completely safe all the time. We would recommend their classes to people and children of all ages without hesitation.
Geraldine Lankester
This is the perfect activity for kids encompassing fitness, discipline, co-ordination, self-defence and most importantly fun. So much so that I am now doing it with some of the other parents. Kelly and Kelvin are fantastic with the kids and there is a great community spirit within the classes. I’m so glad I discovered it and would highly recommend.
Karen Watt
My son started in little dragons and has now graduated to the kids karate class and loves it. It has built his self confidence, strength, focus, flexibility and co-ordination. I have recently enrolled in the adults class (with some other Mums and Dads) and thoroughly enjoy the classes too. Kelly and Kelvin are expert teachers, having both achieved at the highest levels. I highly recommend ALL the classes and think karate is for people of all ages.
Susan Oldmeadow-Hall

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